‘Preserving the Past for the Future’ is the inherent mission statement of any museum, large or small, but part of the Future is stepping away from the Past’s model of lifeless objects locked away in dusty showcases and on into an atmosphere in which the public is engaged, and sees equipment in the context in which it was used. Currently the Museum is primarily focused on bringing exhibits to where the people are – to airshows, veterans events, collector’s events, national commemorations and national celebrations – vs. the traditional model of trying to get the people to come to us. We hope to have our first dedicated major building up by May 2018 for all-weather protection of some holdings currently displayed outdoors.

While primarily geared towards the preservation and exhibit of vehicles and equipment used by the Canadian Forces throughout both wartime and Peacekeeping operations, we also display equipment used by our British allies throughout the world (and here in Canada at the British Army Training Unit Suffield – ‘BATUS’) as well as pieces from American operations, land, sea and air. As a registered non-profit society we rely entirely on the support of our volunteers, our corporate sponsors and the goodwill of local firms, and of course the cooperation of the Government of Canada and others.

Check back periodically for information on upcoming events, a link to our Facebook page, and some pictures of what may be coming to an event near you this year as we grow.